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August 21

In 1689, on this day Viscount John Graham of Claverhouse (Bonnie Dundee) led the Jacobite rebels to a second glorious victory at the the Battle of Dunkeld (Blàr Dhùn Chaillinn).

Battle of Dunkeld
Article written by Ed & Jared Myers
After King James fled the country the English Parliament had offered the throne to William of Orange and his wife Mary (the Protestant daughter of James to whom William owed his claim to the throne).

A convention held in Edinburgh decided that the Scottish government would pledge loyalty to William, but a number of the Highland clans opposed this decision, and their leader was Bonnie Dundee.

He raised the royal standard on Dundee Law, and left for the Highlands to raise the army that would triumph over the Covenanter cause at Killiecrankie and then Dunkeld.

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