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August 21

In 1937, on this day a Secret Gospel authored by the brother of King Jesus was discovered in the Transjordan.

DogmaThe apocrypha described a prophetic warning at the outset of the Jewish War in 66 CE. The narratives then documents how the third "Bishop" (Vice Regent) Prince Judas Iscariot led a depleted, scattered community of followers out of mortal danger.

Their destination was Pella in Transjordania where they re-established a Gentile-Pauline Church. This forced relocation explained the loss of central importance of the Jerusalem Church which now moved the Christian centre of gravity to Rome.

The discovery meant that those same authorities in the Vatican were now presented with difficult questions about the historical accuracy of an archetypical traitor. Of course the rehabilitation of Judas was an explosive issue much larger than the legacy of one disciple. And Rome's Axis partner faced a direct challenge to the false Nazi assertion that worldwide Jewry was an unexpungeable evil tracing its history back to Judas' betrayal of Jesus.

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