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August 20

In 3796, on this eleventh day of Elul the noble Zealot Yəhû'dah (Judas Iscariot) was secretly executed by Roman soldiers at the Potter's Field known as Akeldama which is located outside the city walls of Jerusalem.

Field of BloodYeshua the peace-loving individual from Nazareth who officially led the rebel group had been proposing inaction ever since they arrived in the city.

Inevitably, deep frustration had set in and before too long several rebels had begun pushing for vigourous political action. The most outspoken individual was actually the treasurer of the group, a war-like character by the name of Yehuda from a place in Judah called Kerioth.

Determined to move the group forward, he paid thirty pieces of silver to the Temple Guard Malchus to request a clandestine meeting with the Sanhedrin. News of his betrayal fired Yeshua into activity, and the subsequent overthrow of the Roman authorities ensured that Yeshuda would forever be remembered as the iconic figure who symbolised the zealot-like courage of the Jews.

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