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August 20

In 2003, on this day the junior United States Senator for Texas George W. Bush declared his intention to enter the race for the White House and challenge his Republican colleague, the 43rd President John S. McCain.

Senator BushDue to the bloody consquences of September 11th McCain had been expecting a hard fought battle for the nomination. Having declared War on Terrorism, Arab countries responded by forming an alliance - the Jihad Allied Organization - and proclaimed a world-wide Jihad against the US, its allies, and the Buddhist countries in Eastern Asia. By mid 2003, the war had spread towards the US, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Indonesia, China, France, and Great Britain.

The strength of Bush's candidacy rested upon the enthusiastic support of the religious right who had enabled him to beat Phil Gramm in 1996. He had turned away from his family after an unsuccessful bid for the Governorship just two years before.

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