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August 19

In his Regnal Year 12, the development of a nasty dispute between Panehsy the Viceroy of Nubia and High Priest Amenhotep presented Ramses XI with the opportunity he needed to reassert his authority as Pharaoh.

Ramses XI decides to Man-upThe coffers of the treasury were running dangerously low because of the same economic problems that were causing widespread lawlessness, disorder and famine. And it was only his control of the army that enabled him to retain his flimsy grip on Upper Egpyt. Attempting to fill this power vacuum was the Amun Priesthood and the inevitable result was a coming showdown between religious and military authorities that threatened to destroy the centralised monarchy.

Then Panehsy made his own bid for power, invading the South and forcing the Head Priest out of his temple in Luxor. Realising that the "enemy of my enemy is my friend", Ramses rejected the conventional wisdom of his vizierate who recommended that he order Panehsy back to Nubia and re-instate Amenhotep. Instead, he secretly organized a "false flag" operation under which members of his bodyguard murdered Amenhotep and destroyed the Temple. He then blamed this dastardly crime on Panehsy and had him executed.

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