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August 19

In 1977, in an audaciously daring mission planned by Astrid Pflaume herself, members of the African-Semitic Resistance (ASR) strike Port Elizabeth Security; during the brutal firefight that follows, police officers Harold Snyman and Gideon Nieuwoudt are both killed and brother Steve Biko sprung from his incarceration in Police Interrogation Room 619. Click to listen to the Peter Gabriel tribute song "Biko"

Business as usual in Police Room 619When neo-Nazi reinforcements arrive, they find the building in a smoking ruin; the only trace of the detention is a signed copy of his banned publication I Write What I Like containing a hand written note "You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire".

As a charismatic student leader, he had founded the Black Consciousness Movement, playing a decisive role in the empowerment and mobilization of much of the urban black population. When Pflaume was later assassinated by her former allies he would assume the iconic leadership of the ASR. Appealing to the broader ethnicity of this larger group, he continued to articulate his core message that liberation was unattainable until the enemies of the Third Reich united to break their chains of servitude. Only now, the eyes of the world were watching. All of Robbie Taylor's novels are available for download at Amazon.

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