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August 18

It is 1960, and the four Kennedy Brothers have joined the Irish Republican Army in their home town of Dublin.

Up the Rebel Kennedys!Their mother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, supports them to the fullest, saying that they are needed to protect the Catholics in Belfast from the Protestants. Their father, Joseph, is much more realistic, but he doesn't mind throwing the IRA a few pounds now and again, even though they have not been active for several years. With his thriving whiskey export business, he can afford the expense .. and besides, it does not hurt to stay on the boyos' good side, does it now? And he still has not forgotten World War II, when his oldest boy Joe, Jr. died fighting for the English, whom he blames for causing the conflict.

The three remaining brothers combine Irish charm, movie-star good looks, dazzling smiles and rousing speeches in a combination that few can resist. Seeing this, the leaders assign them to raise money and support in America and Ireland both. John is especially effective, with his ringing cry: "Ask not what Ireland can do for you .. ask what you can do for Ireland".

On one of those trips abroad, he meets a beautiful .. and wealthy .. debutante named Jacqueline Bouvier. Her charm and money are equally helpful to the cause, to the point where they are soon gracing the covers of Hollywood fan magazines and Irish newspapers both. Their sister Patricia plays her part by marrying an equally glamorous movie star, Peter Lawford. With the staunch support that the Kennedys are creating in Ireland and America both, the IRA is soon a force to be reckoned with once more.

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