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August 18

In 484 BC, on this day Herodotus was born in the ancient Greek city of Halicarnassus.

Birth of HerodotusThe brutal execution of the poet Panyasis finally sparked a revolt that had been long brewing under a series of murderous rulers starting with Artemesia, the famous naval commander at the battle of Salamis. A man of modest literary ambition, Herodotus was so thoroughly enraged by this senseless murder of a fellow artist that he became an outspoken leader of the revolt.

After the overthrow of the despot Lygdamis, he settled into a middle-ranking position in the new Government. Evidently the occupation was far from fulfilling, because his personal account includes heartfelt regrets that his Halicarnassian loyalty prevented him from giving expression to his wander lust. Nevertheless, towards the end of his civic career, he wrote a charming account of the history of the city which was praised by his contemporaries for its sweetness and charm.

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