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August 15

In 1769, on this day Napoleon was born in his family's ancestral home Casa Buonaparte on the island of Corsica which had been ceded to France by the Republic of Genoa only twelve months before. This article is part of the Glorious 45 thread.

Glorious Forty-Five #3
By Ed, Scott Palter & Jared Myers
He was admitted to the elite École Militaire in Paris becoming the first Corsican ever to graduate from that prestigous College. But as a barely noble Corsican, his prodigous talents were severly restricted by a firm ceiling on his French promotion prospects and in despair of ever seeing General he signed on with John Company.

That "brave authority" in India was more willing (or desperate) to recruit non-indigenous officers. He scored another first, eventually becoming the first ever non-British General.

Back in France, the Bourbons had made even worse mistakes than losing the talents of Napoelon, they had lived to desperately regret their support of the House of Stuart and their equally unwise encouragement of Prussia. Because King Charles III of England and Frederick of Prussia now towered over the other rulers of Europe like colossi, and war (and defeat) was almost inevitable.

With the unashamed expediency that only the desperate can muster, French representatives were secretly dispatched to India, with the hope that Napoleon would could be tempted to return to lead a Grand Armée that would stamp French authority and re-establish Bourbon hegemony over the continent. Whether the Bourbons were foolishly naive to think that Napoleon's ambitions would stop at General was another matter.

He returned to France by fast frigate just in time to save Paris from a Hapsburgh army under the Archduke Charles. Having deservedly earned the sobriquet of "Bourbon Saviour" he was offered the hand in marriage of an unknown daughter (an illegitimate grand daughter of Louis XV)if he would save the realm. To be continued in Part 4, suggestions very welcome!

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