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August 15

In 1714, after one particularly violent episode when some leading Moostroopers called in the guard to arrest some of their opponents, many leading Whigs called upon the British hero John Churchill to return and impose order. He did.

The First Churchill by PJYChurchill was made Lord Protector on August 15th 1714 and he proceeded to have many leading Mosstroopers and Roundheads arrested, resulting in a Whig dominance of Parliament.

Churchill imposed a new Constitution on the Commonwealth, stating that "Without a head, a man will die. The Government of a nation is not dissimilar. By their very nature, men need leadership. Autocratic Kingship has proven itself to be the father of corruption, brutality and other such criminal acts. No single man should hold such power as that granted to a King. Men are restless when led by those who are not of noble birth. It is the duty of the aristocracy to lead the nation for the benefit of all men. Religion is a matter of personal conscience and insofar that it does not create dissent in the nation, a man should be free to pray as he chooses".

"Without a head, a man will die".As such, Churchill set the course of the British political system. Two men would rule with equal powers; the Lord President and the Chancellor. Ideally, they would keep a check on one another, thus preventing missuse of power. A Lord Protector could be elected in times of great emergency, but he had to step down once the crisis was over. Churchill forced through the Act of Union in 1718, uniting England, Scotland and Ireland all under the central authority of the Parliament in London.

Churchill died in 1722.

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