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August 8

In 1956, proof that the Arab Victory in 1948 was backed by a vast injection of Nazi funds provided to the Mufti of Jerusalem accompanied a letter posted from a remote part of Argentina to the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion
"Tucaman" sets the record straight
Behind this shocking truth was another - that the author of the letter had been located by the West German intelligence service as early as 1952. Because Adolf Eichmann was one of over ten thousand former SS Officers who had fled to South America at the end of World War Two.

Their organization ODESSA had made a startling discovery of their own, that their political masters had been smuggling plundered wealth, much of it of Jewish origin, out of the Third Reich from the early 1940s. That wealth was not intended to establish a Fourth Reich but rather to continue the struggle against international Jewry through a new, global espionage network.

And so Chancellor Adenauer had received a forty-page life story entitled "Tucaman" named after the remote region of Argentina where Eichmann had fled to. The author claimed that he wanted to set the record straight and inform young Germans about what really happened under Hitler Which was that the Second World War was a but means to a broader end.

That end was concealed from men like Eichmann who were totally unaware of the pioneering work in time travel being conducted at Isgarden by Wilhelm Schoemann. Neo-Nazis in 1968 saw the potential of his work, though - and planned to use it to create the enemy they had always imagined.

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