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August 7

In 2003, on this first of day of his candidacy for Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger received a searing barrage of abuse from a long-term critic, the real Conan the Barbarian. The previous night Schwarzenegger had appeared on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Arnie announced that he was adding his name to the crowded field of candidates in the recall election precipiated by Governor Gray Davis' handling of the Californian budget crisis. The following morning during the work-out feaure of Breakfast with America Conan dubbed him the "Governator" and "The Running Man" ridiculing the recall election as "Total Recall".
The Governator by Ed. & David AtwellNo mention was made - or even needed to be made - of Arnie's 1982 movie Conan the Barbarian because the real Barbarian's harsh viewpoint had received considerable air time in the following twenty years, so much so that the criticism had stuck, forcing Arnie to look for a career change into politics. This unexpected career move presented a further opportunity for personal criticism, with Conan narrowing his focus to Arnie's inarticulacy. Allegedly, Arnie's Austrian accent was so thick it was difficult to know if the ageing actor was still speaking in pidgeon Cimmerian, Conan's native language.

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