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August 4

In 1934, in exchange for the promise of Anglo-French forces to restore public order Chancellor Heinrich Brüning quietly dropped von Hindenburg's death bed appeal for monarchist restoration by announcing the date for the Presidential election.
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Von Hindenburg Dismisses Hitler 2
Ed, Scott Palter & Eric Oppen
The shadowy courtiers known as the Kamarilla had been forced to make the embarrassing decision to recall the former Chancellor Brüning in order to replace the dismissed Herr Hitler. The only viable alternative candidate was Von Papen but his support had evaporated during a brief Chancellorship.

In the short-term the prospects of the Weimar Republic's survival had markedly increased. In fact the British and French Governments had little choice but to act given the Versailles Treaty limitations they had placed upon the size of the Germany Army. Non-intervention would have prompted either a seizure of power by Ernst Röhm's Sturmabteilung or the restoration of the monarchy.

But there was a larger problem with the revolving doors in Weimar Germany's corridors of powers. And that was the unpredictability of the Presidential election. And after all it was not inconceivable that Herr Hitler would be restored to power despite the endeavours of the Establishment in London, Paris and Berlin.

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