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August 3

In 1960, the drug antigerone was discovered by Diana Brackley, a research scientist working for Francis Saxover, a somewhat eccentric private researcher.

All the Time in the WorldBy accident they independently discovered that a specimen of lichen sent to them for analysis had the ability to extend human life by many hundred years. Within months, they had discovered precisely how the lichen extract could substantially retard the aging process, preparing the prototype drug Antigerone.

The trouble was that the lichen was in limited supply being a very slow-growing plant which grew in China.

Both biochemists saw the implications of this, realising that many institutions would try to repress this knowledge and were careful to keep the substance secret. However Brackley decided that it must eventually become available to all humans and sets up an organisation designed to introduce it by stealth. Unfortunately Saxover decided to let his immediate family in on the secret, and his daughter-in-law gives away part of the secret for money. As a result criminal forces begin to take interest in both Francis and Diana.

In The Trouble was Lichen investigative journalist John Wyndam foresaw the coming of a new evolutionary order and with it, a revolution.

The TV advertisement for the Antigerone product featured Louis Armstrong's classic "All the Time in the World".

"We have all the time in the world, time enough for life to unfold. All the precious things love has in store. We have all the love in the world, if that's all we have, you will find. We need nothing more. Every step of the way will find us. With the cares of the world far behind us. We have all the time in the world. Just for love. Nothing more, nothing less. Only love".
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Neither Armstrong nor Wyndham use Antigerone, and by coincidence both died months apart in 1969. The lyrics are available at at Lyricwiki

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