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July 25

In 2006, speaking live this day from the Oval Office and surrounded by environmentalists US President Al Gore set out a bold vision of a sustainable future for America. "Nothing is scarier than the truth"

The imperative for taking these hard choices were the inevitable consequences of Hurricane Katrina, the man-made disaster which occured in late August 2005, and memorably described by Gore as an "environmental 9/11".
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Political Climate ChangeIt was not the first time that America had reached such a point of decision, said Gore. After Pearl Harbour, General Motors had switched car production to tanks almost overnight. And now the automobile manufacturers would need to make a similiar change, to vehicles propelled by sustainable fuels.

"If you look at the ten hottest years ever measured, they all occured in the last fourteen years, and the hottest of all was 2005"By the time Gore left office in 2009, consumer attitudes in America had been transformed. Ignored for so long, the undeniable evidence from the science community had spoken for itself. Because most assuredly, hurricane activity in North America had dramatically risen as a result of catastrophic man-made climate changes. Watch An Inconvenient Truth on YouTube And the simple calculations that had emerged by July 2006 were simply too frightening too ignore: fatalities 1,836 confirmed, 705 missing. And a ruinous cost to the nation too: 90 billion dollars of damage.

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