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July 22

In 1934, on this day notorious gangster John Dillinger (pictured) was shot and badly wounded after being turned over to FBI agents by a female companion, Anna Sage, dubbed the "Lady in Red" by the media, as the pair emerged from Chicago's Biograph Theater in the company of another woman, Polly Hamilton.
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The Lady in Red betrays Public Enemy No. 1 John Dillinger by Eric LippsBriefly housed under guard at a Chicago hospital, Dillinger was returned to the Indiana State Penitentiary, from which he had been paroled on May 10, 1933 after serving eight and a half years of a ten-to-twenty-year sentence for assault and battery with intent to rob and conspiracy to commit a felony. He had been rearrested on September 22, 1933, but had escaped with the aid of confederates before being arrested and jailed yet again, this time in Crown Point, Indiana, where he was awaiting arraignment on a murder charge. Incredibly, he had escaped again.

Following his return to Indiana State Penitentiary in August 1934, Dillinger would finally be tried on the murder charge for which he had been awaiting trial at the time of his escape from the Crown Point jail. The trial was a media circus, but its outcome was never in doubt. Convicted, Dillinger was executed February 6, 1935.

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