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July 20

In 1993, on this day at 4pm government agents deposited the dead body of murdered Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster in a woodland area off the George Washington Parkway in Virginia, outside Washington, D.C. But Kenneth Starr's confidential witness Patrick Knowlton clocked their suspicious behaviour as they re-entered a blue-gray sedan motor vehicle before driving out of the small parking lot at Fort Marcy Park.

Murdergate by Ed, Eric OppenThe Clinton's desperate efforts to cover-up the homicide of the most senior White House Officer since JFK would come to nought. Because Starr's investigations would later reveal a level of government malfeasance unparalled since the tragedy at Dallas almost thirty years before:

  • The grassy area around the corpse was heavily trampled and yet the victim's shoes were soil-free
  • Carpet fibres on the body matched those of Hillary Clinton's apartment where she and Foster had conducted an extra-marital affair
  • White House Staffers seized Fosters papers even before his body was discovered, and broke into his safe
It later emerged that Hillary Clinton had become involved with Foster in covering up the activities that would become famously known as Whitewater and Travelgate. But when the First Lady attempted to break off the affair, Foster went crazy and arrived at her apartment with a gun planning to shoot both lovers. In the fight that ensued, Foster was killed when the firearm accidentally discharged as they grappled on the carpet. It was a dramatic scene that would have enthralled fans of the early eighties soap opera "Dynasty" had it not been so tragic.

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