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July 17

It is 1918, and the Bolsheviks have overthrown the Czar. In the Civil War that follows, they imprison the imperial family in Ekaterinburg.

Lenin Orders the Betrothals at EkaterinburgThe Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin decides to marry the four princesses to his most loyal followers, thus making them even more devoted to himself.

But he has failed to realize that their lust for power is as great as his own. .. and almost as great as their lust for the beautiful girls themselves. Each man declares himself to be the new Czar, and a four-way Civil War ensues. One of the sons-in-law frees Nicolai from his prison, along with his wife and son, in return for being declared the Czar's heir. The country rallies behind him and he is soon crowned as Czar Josef I, more popularly know as the Man of Steel .. Stalin (pictured). The other three couples are sent into exile, to plot for another day.

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