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July 15

In 1976, Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy receives the Democratic nomination for President.

Ted Kennedy NominatedAs in 1972, he names Senator Henry M. Jackson as his running mate. Once again, liberals are disappointed; they had hoped he would choose George McGovern, a sentimental favorite on the left, Arizona Rep. Morris K. Udall, who had mounted a surprisingly strong presidential campaign of his own, or even former Georgia governor James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, who had won several Southern primaries.

There is speculation that Kennedy's choice of Jackson, with whom his relations have soured during this campaign, is the result of a political deal worked out to avoid the brokered-convention scenario which had been rumored to be in the works among Jackson, Udall and Carter.

Critics argue that even in the post-Watergate political atmosphere, it makes poor sense for the Democratic Party to run the same ticket Nixon had defeated four years earlier. Kennedy cousin Sargent Shriver, however, replies, "And where is Nixon now?" He goes on to note that even in that pre-Watergate election, Kennedy and Jackson had been defeated only by the narrowest of margins.

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