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July 12

In 1938, covertly funded by the money of the British Conservatives, and restrained by the good sense of his friend the German Emigré Joachim Ribbentrop, Adrien Arcand founded the unified Canadian pro-fascist party in Kingston, Ontario. This so-called "National Unity Party of Canada" was born of the fusion of his Parti National Social Chrétien with the Prairie Provinces' Canadian Nationalist Party and Ontario's Nationalist Party, which itself grew out of the Toronto Swastika Clubs of the early thirties.

Canadian FührerDespite the Canadian pro-fascists lack of seniority as an associate member of the Axis Alliance, they had used Ribbentrop's remarkable communication skills to exert a tremendous influence on Nazi thought. One premium channel of communication was Queen Wallis with whom Ribbentrop had been secretly conducting a long-running sordid affair.

This oddest assortment of cuckholds and anti-semites convinced King Edward to broker the historic visit to Mansion House which enabled Adolf Hitler to fully grasp the British art of Dominion Government. Under their adapted model of Anglo-German fascist imperialism, Arcand would rule as Governor General until his demise in 1967.

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