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July 10

In 2010, at a service held on this day in London, Führer Kurt Haldweim marked the seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain, recognising the ultimate sacrifice of the German airmen to who "never was so much owed by so many to so few".

The FewOnly about one hundred of the "few" who took part in the battle are thought to survive, and for many in their eighties and nineties, this could be the last major anniversary commemoration they attend. One those daring pilots was the Führer himself, because Haldweim flew the HE-100 whose use in the Battle proved key (Führer's death later that year would trigger a crisis in the Nazi High Command).

The extent of German losses mark the strategic significance of the victory; over 2,698 aircrew killed, 967 captured, 638 missing bodies identified by British Authorities and 1,887 aircraft destroyed. Of course Nazi High Command were reserving the major celebrations for the seventieth annivesary of Operation Sea Lion, and it was even suggested that the immense casaulty count of the invasion might be revealed for the first time.

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