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June 28

It is June 28 1914, and the Austrian Crown Prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie are touring his imperial uncle's possessions in Bosnia. Suddenly a bomb is thrown into their carriage, forcing them to flee.

Close call in SarajevoFranz Ferdinand insists on going to the hospital, to visit the ambush victims .. but Sophie pleads with him to take refuge in the Sarajevo city hall, until the soldiers can arrive to guard them on their way back to the border. Giving in to her urging, he waits until the soldiers are surrounding them, thus forming a human shield all the way back to the border.

He is soon very glad that he listened to her, when reports come that four radical Bosnian and Serbian youths were planning to shoot them both, thus inciting a war between their own countries and the Austrian empire. With their plot foiled, both nations join in giving thanks that the couple's life was spared, thus bringing Bosnia closer to her imperial rulers.

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