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June 27

In 1941, Anastasia Romanova, former Grand Duchess and daughter of deposed Tsar Nicholas II, was sworn in as Prime Minister of the Federated States of Russia. This comes five days after the FSR was invaded by German forces and their allies in what has become a continent-wide war.

Former Princess Sworn In As Russian Prime Minister by Andrew Beane Romanova, a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party, comes to power at a very dark time for Russia, a nation well accustomed to trouble. After a period of political upheaval and a long communist insurgency that ended in 1928, the fledgling republic was rocked by the effects of the Great Depression and further regional violence. To this day, the Russians are still technically in a state of war with the breakaway Caucasus Socialist Republic, under the leadership of communist warlord Josef Stalin. Stalin has hinted to an alliance with Hitler's Germany.

Russia's antiquated army is equipped mainly with World War I weapons, and is no match for the advanced and well-trained Wehrmacht. German "Panzer" tanks have met by antiquated self-propelled guns and the largest cavalry force still in existence, and Russia's wooden biplanes were no match for the Luftwaffe. By the time Romanova was sworn in, it was estimated that one million Russian soldiers, over a third of the entire Russian Army, had surrendered to the invaders or been destroyed. To complicate matters, Imperial Japan has amassed a significant army on Russia's Manchurian border.

Romanova faces the war with few allies or hopes for success. With Great Britain and France forced to surrender or face annihilation in 1940, and the United States refusing to enter the war, Russia stands alone against the German war machine. Turkey has opted to stay neutral. It is expected that the new Prime Minister will continue her predecessor Social Democrat Vyachislav Molotov's plan to pull the military east and dig in, in hopes of bogging down the invasion in time for the harsh Russian winter.

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