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June 24

In 1975, on this day the disgraced former President Richard Nixon told the prosecutors of the Grand Jury that he was furious about a partially erased tape of a White House meeting that became the focus of Watergate cover-up accusations.

Blowing His Stack
By Ed and Scott Palter
Secretary Rose Woods had confessed that about four minutes of the conversation had been accidentally erased from the tape, but an investigation by Security Adviser General Alexander Haig subsequetly discovered that the deletion was much longer than previously thought.

Having secured a pardon from his successor, Gerald Ford he was protected him from prosecution for any past Watergate crimes. And so his main legal risk during the eleven hours of questioning near his California home was being caught in a lie. Short of committing perjury, or implicating anyone in his much-diminished cadre of loyalists, he could testify with impunity.

But Nixon's disgrace was complete when a previously undiscovered backup copy of the tape was discovered at the White House. Because the missing minutes were a sickening fray boy jock discussion about a photograph of Hanoi Jane in which Nixon was fantasizing about taking her on the Oval Office desk with a ball gag on her. The discussion was more cringingly embarrassing for his personal integrity, because Nixon was keen to portray himself as a "straight little church arrow" in his private/family life.

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