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June 21

In 1916, Mexican rebels under the command of the legendary Pancho Villa (pictured) engaged US General John Pershing's expeditionary force at Carrizal, Mexico.

Battle of CarrizalA lucky shot by one of Villa's men brought down the general, and they carried his body away with them as they retreated from the more numerous American soldiers.

When he heard of this incident, German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann hatched a plan to embroil the United States in war with its southern neighbor, in order to keep it out of the war in Europe. German arms soon began flowing to Pancho Villa, who used them to stage raids on what he called "Mexico del Norte", the southwestern United States. President Wilson, after seeing that the Mexican government could do nothing to stop Pancho Villa, sent in fully half of the US Army at the time, vowing to bring the Mexican revolutionary to justice. When American troops crossed the border with Mexico and began shooting Mexican citizens, the already weak government of Venustiano Carranza fell, and Pancho Villa stepped into the void. He rallied all of Mexico to his cause, and with German arms and an alliance with the Central Powers, was able to hold America to a stalemate over 7 harsh years of war.

When the war in Europe ended, Villa sued for peace with the new administration of President Calvin Coolidge, promising an end to the raids and peace between the neighboring countries. Each side had acquired some territory from the other - Texas had expanded slightly across the Rio Grande, while New Mexico and Arizona's borders were now considerably north of where they had been at the start of the war - so, with much grumbling on both sides, they accepted the new borders, after much fortification, and declared peace on March 17, 1924. Recommendation: visit Robbie Taylor's Amazon Author Page.

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