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June 18

In 813 B.C., on this day at the temple of Juno the wandering Trojan hero Aeneas defied the will of Jupiter by marrying Dido the first Queen of Carthage.

Aeneas marries DidoIronically a great east-west alliance of men developed from a romantic bond created by the meddling of the Goddess Venus. Dido had sworn fidelity to the soul of her late husband, Sychaeus, who had been murdered by her cupidinous brother Pygmalion. But she fell in love with Aeneas who returned her love during a hunting expedition when a storm had driven the lovers into a cave.

Jupiter then sent the winged messenger Mercury to inform Aeneas that his destiny was to found a great city in Italy. But unable to desert Dido, Aeneas defied Jupiter, who would now send the God Mars to more forcibly remind him of his duty.

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