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June 17

In 1776, the Battle of Breed's Hill, also called the Battle of Bunker Hill, took place, pitting American colonial rebels against British troops commanded by Sir William Howe, Sir Henry Clinton, and John Burgoyne.
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Battle of Bunker Hill by Eric LippsIt is a disaster for the colonials, who had failed to learn until too late of the British plan to occupy the Dorchester and Charlestown heights. Colonial militia forces under the command of William Prescott were dispatched to attempt to occupy Bunker Hill outside Charlestown, but, finding it already in British hands, Prescott chose to attempt a stand at Breed's Hill - only to find that it, too, had been occupied by the British before he could reach it. Prescott was forced to wage a slaughterhouse of a battle simply to escape. The British victory played a key role in the breaking of the siege of Charlestown, which dealt a hard blow to the rebels' morale. That blow would be followed by others, leading at last to the surrender of the final holdouts under General George Washington outside the sacked and burning city of Philadelphia on July 4.

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