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June 14

In 1645, on this day the hard-fought Royalist victory at the Battle of Naseby was credited to a late decision to recall General Goring's three thousand cavalry south.

Great Royalist Victory at the Battle of NasebySir Thomas Fairfax immediately grasped that outrageous good fortune alone had unexpectedly turned the tide of the English Civil War in the King's favour. Likewise his fellow commander Oliver Cromwell was seized by a great fit of maniacal laughter causing Fairfax to bitterly observe that "he [Charles Stuart] was a lucky fool".

But perhaps after all the King would succumb to his foolishness. Because the Parliamentarians had managed to capture the King's personal baggage with correspondence which showed he intended to seek support from the Irish Catholic Confederation through the Cessation Treaty, and Catholic nations in Europe. By publishing this correspondence, entitled The King's Cabinet Opened, Parliament gained fresh impetus to continue fighting the war.

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