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June 12

In 1867, on this day a romantic German nationalist assassinated Prince Albert the recently installed putative head of the British-sponsored North German League that arose from Otto Von Bismarck's failed unification project.

Assassination of Prince Albert
Ed, Eric Oppen & Scott Palter
With Habsburg Austria facing imminent defeat, Central Europe was on the verge of Prussian domination - but for a last minute Hanoverian appeal for British protection. When all of Protestant Germany except Saxony followed suite, British and French intervention became inevitable.

A conference of the three powers established a North German League under the protection of Great Britain and a South German League of four Catholic states under the protection of Austria and France, a Rhineland state under Napoleon III's son as a separate crown and a permanent three power league to uphold the peace.

The Konig refused to contemplate a suicidal war. With his unification plans in tatters, the legacy of Bismarck would be limited to the creation of a social security/welfare state. And so it was left to a real romantic nationalist to punish Great Britain for crushing German aspirations for a unified state, a "Reich" if you will.

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