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June 22

It is June 22nd 2012, and Judy Garland has just celebrated her 90th birthday. Many people were pleasantly surprised, since they had expected her to die of a drug overdose for years before. In fact, the popular joke was that newspapers had a standing headline that read "Judy takes overdose".

Friends of JudyShe fooled them all, though, when she was able to kick the habit thanks to a drug rehab program, at the urging of her husband Mickey Deans. She had suffered an especially severe overdose on June 22, 1969, which was enough of a warning to help her beat her addiction. As part of her recovery, she became a professional drug counselor, using her own experience to help others.

When she died, there was discreet mourning among gays, who called themselves Friends of Dorothy .. based on the character who had made her famous in "The Wizard of Oz". It had to be discreet, since gays were well used to persecution .. includes the frequent police raids on the Stonewall tavern in New York, a famous gay gathering place. The police were there on schedule, and the patrons had to flee before the wake was completed.

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