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June 6

In 1963, on this day US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on a visit to the United States Navy's First Fleet off San Diego, California.

Vision of Victory By Ed and Scott PalterA subsequent FBI report determined the facts

1) The fatal bullets were fired into the motorcade from the top floor of the Marine Recruit Depot
2) Sharpshooter Lee Harvey Oswald had used his security pass as a former US Marine Corp serviceman to gain entry to the Depot
3) His motive was a grudge dating back to 1962 when the Kennedy Administration had turned down a reconsideration of an dishonourable discharge from the service

Kennedy had been accompanied in the vehicle by the Governor of California Richard Nixon. Within three months, he would announce his intention to campaign for the Presidency as a Democrat Candidate. Along with his running mate Robert Kennedy they would complete JFK's vision of victory in Vietnam.

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