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June 5

In 1803, on this day the Jacobin sympathizer Thomas Jefferson (pictured) famously remarked that the wheel of the American Revolution must have turned full circle for British Redcoats to march into Philadelphia and New York City to protect the beleagured Northern Federalist Bloc.
This post is an article from the Midshipman George Washington thread.

Midshipman George Washington #3Because not long after the Constitutional Convention ended in farcical acrimony, New England, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes seceded from the Union. Lofty Republican dreams turned into terrifying nightmare as the Executive Council under Hamilton, Morgan et al began to fear for the continued existence of their own mini state.

To their dismay, the bonds of Union had been fatally loosened during those heady days of Liberty which followed the end of the interregnum. Most significantly by the perfectly understandable sense of reluctance to maintain a Standing Army. The aversion to militaristic discipline during a team of peace was created during the War of Independence. Empowered with supreme authority by the Second Continental Congress, Commander-in-Chief Benedict Arnold had won the day at Yorktown but only after the loyalist Admiral George Washington crashed to defeat at Chesapeake Bay. He then used the un-disbanded Continental Army to rule the nation with a rod of iron for the next twenty years.

Perhaps the return of British power was driven by imperatives other than revenge for Yorktown. Certainly there was a strong desire in London to punish the Jeffersonians for aiding French privateers. But the simple truth was that America had imploded in the two years since the death of Benedict Arnold and Alexander Hamilton for one was starting to gain support as a possible successor. A Republican King, if you will.

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