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May 31

In 323 BC, on this day in the ancient city of Babylon, Alexander the Great made the discovery that his war-weary generals were plotting to kill him.

Alexander the Great SurvivesSuspicion had been raised from the moment that Alexander had summoned Antipater, the senior general he had left in charge of the Macedonian homeland. But instead his son Cassander1 had arrived with a draught of toxix water collected from the legendary river Styyx and clumsily concealed inside a hollowed-out muled hoof. And Alexander's wine pourer was none other than Iollas, the brother of Cassander, who was caught slipping the toxin into the King's drink.

Ever since the near mutiny in India, Alexander had known that even his highest ranking officers wanted to end the campaign. Nevertheless he was shocked to discover the hand of Ptolemy2 guiding the conspiracy. But the plotters failed, and he continued to rule until his son Alexander IV of Macedon eventually succeeded him in 296 BC.

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