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May 31

In 1988, the newly crowned "Miss America" Sarah Louise Palin née Heath concluded a rambling acceptance speech by promising to spend the year of her reign working with patriot organisations to prevent the communist giveaway of the southwest to the Mexicans.

Losing the CountryBorn in Idaho before moving to Alaska as an infant, Palin had won the Miss Wasilla pageant in 1984 and one year later, the Miss Alaska pageant. Encouraged by these successes, she dropped out of higher education, having enrolled at Hawaii Pacific University in the fall of 1982 and later North Idaho College.

Due to the inarticulation of her ultra-conservative opinions, she soon became a brain-numbed Patriot pin-up girl and was in fact romantically linked with US President Pat Buchanan. Unsurprisingly, the left wing "gotcha" media leaked the scandal just twenty four before the US Congress voted on the proposed San Diego-Brownsville separation barrier. It was an erection that never happened.

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