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May 30

In 1922, on this day seventy-nine year Bob Lincoln attended the dedication of the Washington Liberty Memorial built by Confederate engineers in honour of his father.

Deo Vindice
Under God, our Vindicator
Born in Hardin County, his father had been adopted by fellow Kentuckian family the Davises who then moved first to Louisiana and then finally to a plantation in northern Mississippi. Meanwhile his blood family moved across the Ohio River where they were lost to history. Only eight months apart in age, Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln would be as close as brothers for their adult lives.

By a cruel twist of fate, Senator Jefferson Davis was arrested in Washington City for gun running on the eve of the Civil War and in his absence, Lincoln was chosen to serve as first Confederate President. The irony was that the better connected and more aristocratic Davis was much more effective as Secretary of War than he could ever have been as President, and their balanced partnership was a key part of their national survival.

The Civil War ended shortly after the occupation of Maryland leaving the rump Union to go its own way with the capital restored to Philadelphia. Lincoln himself gained no benefit from the occupation, he was shot dead during a performance of "Our Confederate Cousin" at the Ford Theatre by Ulysses S. Grant, a discredited former Union General whose reputation had been destroyed by the disasterous Federal defeat at Vicksburg.

Vanquished on the battlefield, but not in spirit, the Union built their own memorial, a colossal, neoclassical sculpture of Thomas Jefferson standing astride New York Harbour.

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