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May 30

On this day in 1983, Rick Steamboat took on Roddy Piper in a rematch of Steamboat's NWA world title defense the week before on WCW. Piper thought he'd won the return bout only to have the decision reversed and the victory awarded to Steamboat on a disqualification when it was learned that Piper's cornerman for the match, Rick Rude, had interfered to keep Steamboat from escaping a pin attempt by the Rowdy Scot.

 - Rick Steamboat
Rick Steamboat

That same night on Raw, defending WWF world heavyweight champion Terry "Hulk" Hogan said he would put his belt on the line in two weeks against former champion Tommy Rich in a no-holds barred match. That bout would in turn set the stage for a final showdown between Hogan and Rich at Summerslam II.

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