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May 30

In 1940, on this day bitter recriminations were exchanged between President Roosevelt and Viscount Halifax just twenty-four hours after his Peace Government accepted overlordship and protection from Nazi Germany.

Clearing the DecksThroughout the summer, Winston Churchill (pictured) had warned that "the British Fleet would be the solid contribution with which [a] Peace Government would buy terms".

And despite the expectation that a defeated Britain and France would continue the fight from their respective Empires, Churchill had already informed the Canadian Ambassador that "There is no question to make a bargain with the United States .. our despatch of the Fleet across the Atlantic should the Mother Country be defeated..I shall myself never entry into any peace negotiation with Hitler, but obviously I cannot bind a future Government, which if we were deserted by the United States and beaten down here, might very easily be ready to accept German overlordship and protection".

Matters came to a head when the British Army capitulated at Dunkirk. Between May 24 and 28th, British Ministers were locked in a closed session during whilst Churchill and Halifax struggled for control of events. Backed by King Edward VIII, Halifax would emerge as the victor by using the familiar language of appeasement to convince the Cabinet that the British Government should at least ascertain what Hitler might be willing to offer Britain if they sued for terms. Recognising the inevitable trajectory of such a next step, and having set his face against negotiation, Churchill had no choice but to resign. British capitulation was complete after a humiliatingly short period of armed struggle against Hitler.

By theatrically raging against the British Peace Government, Roosevelt had to shore up his own crumbling position in advance of the 1940 Presidential Election. And the threat from individuals such as Herbert Hoover, Charles Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy who favoured the establishment of a similiar administration in Washington.

Yet in the midst of this struggle, emerged a third group who had shared Churchill's view that America would stand alone against a Nazified "United States of Europe". Their immediate concern was the threat posed by a combination British and French Fleet in Nazi Hands, albeit deployed around the world. And the nightmarish possibility of the need for a pre-emptive cowardly strike by the US Navy on the moored fleets of her former allies..

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In 1510 a mere nine months after his coronation, the brave and cunning King Henry VIII of England died while jousting incognito at Richmond in North Yorkshire. Only eighteen years old, Henry had been married to his brother Arthurs widow, Catherine of Aragon, shortly after his fathers death.  Young "Henry VIII" Dies Jousting In 1972 on this day Walter Cronkite departed CBS News with the final words "Ladies and gentlemen, for the last ten years, Ive had the honor of giving you the days news and events, some of the worlds greatest triumphs and worst tragedies.  I have always tried to present the news in a way that you - the American people - can relate to.  But now I have been asked to serve in a far more important role.  I have been asked by Senator George McGovern to step in as his Vice-Presidential candidate for the upcoming election, and I have decided to accept.  Although I may seem to be an unusual choice, I will do my utmost for the ticket.  This will be my last broadcast as CBS Evening News anchor.  Again, it has been an honor.  Thank you, and good night".Walter Cronkite accepts the "VP Spot" in 1972In 1944 on this day Adolf Hitler decreed that if Germany was forced out of Paris the city and all its landmarks should be left a smoldering ruin.von Chotitz follows orders and "Paris burns bright red"
In 1916 with the Great War suspended by the global medical crisis, European leaders risked infection from the Spanish Flu to gather in Versailles and attempt to forge a peace settlement that might save civilization from imminent collapse.Versailles Treaty signed in "Flu Masks"In 1806 the compromised reality of the American Revolution was thrown into sharp contrast - whilst President James Monroes High Representative William Pinkney conducted negotiations in London to renew the Jay Treaty, his predecessor, the "philantropic cock" Thomas Jefferson was across the English Channel enjoying Parisian Society with his common law mixed race wife, Sally Hemings.Thomas Jefferson quits the United States with "Sally Hemings".In 1934 on this day notorious gangster John Dillinger (pictured) was shot and badly wounded after being turned over to FBI agents by a female companion, Anna Sage, dubbed the "Lady in Red" by the media, as the pair emerged from Chicagos Biograph Theater in the company of another woman, Polly Hamilton.<font color=red size=-2>Watch the Youtube Clip</font> <a target=_blank href=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uli2lG5RhnQ><img src=http://i.l.cnn.net/cnn/.element/img/2.0/global/icons/video_icon.gif border=0></a>	  The Lady in Red Betrays Public Enemy #1, "John Dillinger".
It is Nov 9 1923 and Adolf Hitlers effort to take over the Munich government ends abruptly when the soldiers and police defeat his Beer Hall Putsch (named in honor of the tavern where the uprising started).The Return of the "Kaiser"In 1836 at the Battle of San Jacinto, Mexican general Antonio López de Santa Anna defeated the forces of U.S.-born Gen. Samuel Houston, commander in chief of the revolutionary forces of the breakaway state of Texas, and captured Houston himself, after the latters attempt to counter the superior Mexican numbers with a surprise attack failed.Texian Independence crushed as Santa Anna wins the "Battle of San Jacinto".In 1956 on this day the commander of the
revolutionary armed forced of Hungary Colonel Pál Maléter (pictured)  <a href=https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups=#!msg/soc.history.what-if/fpatoY4oWh8/MhXvtn4BGVQJ>escapes from Tököl, near Budapest</a> after Soviet officers attempt to illegally detain him during negotiations.Suez Crisis / Hungary Uprising Crossover: "Part 4"
In 1865 Chancellor Bismarcks arrival in a steam-powered exo-skeleton
upstaged the dirigibles carrying mustachio-twirling German diplomats
and monocled English & French civil servants to the Colonial
Conference in New Amsterdam. Which was to say nothing of the majestic dapperness of the Russian contingent. The Dutch of course were already there. <span class=EditorText>An episode from the <a href=http://www.todayinah.co.uk/index.php?thread=Steampunk_America>Steampunk America</a> thread.</span>Steampunk America: "Part 1"In 1947 on this day Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg (pictured) died unexpectedly of a heart attack in Stockholm, Sweden.Stockholm, 1947 - "A Holocaust angel dies unexpectedly".In 1992 upon the death of founder Sam Walton his successors on the board of Wal-mart committed the long-term future of the retailer to American-made merchandise.Sam Waltons successors commit to "Made in U.S.A."

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