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May 28

In 1863, on this day the retired Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia Robert Edward Lee was elected 35th Governor of Virginia.

Governor Lee
By Ed, Scott Palter & Jeffrey Leff
The incompetence of Major General John Pope in losing the Eastern Theatre for the Union was the reason why the Federals were forced to powerlessly observe this elevation.

Because at the Second Bull Run there was a window of opportunity to roll up the retreating Union forces and get inside the Washington lines while using the retreating Union forces as a de facto squeeze.

Maybe his command errors were exposed to critical failure due to the premature death of "Kearny the Magnificent" a subordinator officer who would have provided Pope with better decision support.

And yet the electors of Virginia saw only the daring opportunism of Lee in chasing the Union Army of Virginia into Washington City to win the war for Dixie.

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