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May 18

In 2009, on Victoria Day citizens of the former British Empire celebrated the dawn of a new era of democracy which had begun with the Queen's assassination by anarchists (this event is colloquially known in Canada as "May Two-four" being the anniversary of the monarch's official birthday which falls on the last Monday before or on 24 May itself).

The only people not celebrating were the British themselves - since the Plot to Kill Harold Wilson their celebration was May the 8th. As recorded in his 1976 memoir Walking On The Water, Hugh Cudlipp recounts a meeting he arranged at the request of Cecil King, the head of the International Publishing Corporation, between King and Lord Mountbatten. The meeting took place on May 8, 1968.

Republicans Celebrate Victoria DayAttending were Mountbatten, King, Cudlipp, and Sir Solly Zuckerman, the Chief Scientific Adviser to the British government.
According to Cudlipp: "[Cecil] awaited the arrival of Sir Solly and then at once expounded his views on the gravity of the national situation, the urgency for action, and then embarked upon a shopping list of the Prime Minister's shortcomings...He explained that in the crisis he foresaw as being just around the corner, the Government would disintegrate, there would be bloodshed in the streets and the armed forces would be involved. "the Government would disintegrate, there would be bloodshed in the streets and the armed forces would be involved" The people would be looking to somebody like Lord Mountbatten as the titular head of a new administration, somebody renowned as a leader of men, who would would be capable, backed by the best brains and administrators in the land, to restore public confidence. He ended with a question to Mountbatten- would he agree to be the titular head of a new administration in such circumstances?".
Mountbatten most definately did agree1 - he would subsequently launch a military coup to restore the monarchy before the Socialist British Government could disintegrate.

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