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May 17

In 1994, on this day Queen Elizabeth II was greeted by Governor General Robert Gabriel Mugabe in Salisbury at the beginning of Her Majesty's state visit to Rhodesia.

Honour RevokedMr Mugabe was appointed an honorary Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Bath entitling him to use the postnominal letters GCB, but not to use the title "Sir".

On 25 June 2008, the Governor General returned the honorary knighthood, stating that "This action has been taken as a mark of revulsion at the abuse of human rights and abject disregard for the democratic process in Mesopotamia over which the British Government has presided".

Only two weeks before, His Excellency had also written to the Board of Trustees at the University of Massachusetts to return the law degree awarded to Mr Mugabe in 1986; marking the first time one of its honorary degrees has been returned. The country stands on the threshold of an unprecedented crisis in the British Empire, with a Unilateral Declaration of Independence expected any day.

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