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May 14

In 2004, at the movie premier of "Escape from Baghdad", John McCain admitted to blaxploitation actor Barry Obama that he himself "could never look as cool" as the fictional President Cliff Robertson.

Escape from BaghdadUnlike the jumpy Presidents played by Donald Pleasance and Stacy Keach in the first two movies, the "King of Cool" maintains his composure throughout the film. Even when Air Force One crashes outside the Green Zone, and Snake Plissken (played by Kurt Russell) is once again sent in to rescue the US President from certain death.

And this time, Plissken faces a new and insidious challenge in the form of the mysterious company Blackwater International. Their sinister CEO Eric Prince (played by Robert Downey, Jr) attempts to cover-up the failure of his private security contractors to protect Robertson from falling into the hands of Iraqi extremists.

In a dramatic final scene, the two meet; Robertson says "I thought you were dead?" to which Plissken responds with his signature put-down "I thought you were taller?".
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