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May 10

In 1994, on this day, one billion people from around the world watched the inauguration of South Africa's first black President, the lifelong Xhosa troublemaker known as Rolihlahla1 Mandela.

A More Insidious Enemy than ApartheidMany White South Africans shared the same sense of abject terror that Justice Minister Kobie Coetzee had endured when he met with Mandela in Pollsmoor Prison to discuss the terms of his release five years before.

And since his release, Mandela had done little to soften his image, casually disguarding the English forename "Nelson" that had been forced upon him by white teachers on the first day of school as a seven year old boy in 1925.

That the closed world of the Afrikaner had changed forever was clear from the uncompromisingly tough words of the Presidential address "We were taken from the bush, or from underground outside the country, or from the prisons, to come and take charge"2.

Because the African National Congress now confronted an enemy even more insiduous than apartheid, the disease called HIV that was threatening to ravage the new nation, and would take the life of Mandela's own beloved son Makgatho.

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