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May 4

In 2010, the Cowboy movie genre was transformed with the movie premiere of the retro blaxploitation blockbuster "The Doc" starring the new King of Cool, African American actor Barry Obama.

Big F*#cking DealSeven years had passed since the release of the last great movie, Cowboy Dick Cheney's final film "The Bush Brothers Ride Again".

"The Doc" arrives in town with imaginative plans to dispense medicine to the people of Jackson, Wyoming.

But it does not take long for resistance to be demonstrated by the townsfolk as the movie zooms in on the whites-only Cowboy image.

And in an early sign that his good intentions will be distrusted, the bigoted Sherrif Joe Biden dismissed "The Doc" with the barbed complement that he is "the first articulate, bright and clean black doctor" in Wyoming.

But at the climax of the movie, "The Doc" saves the Sherrif's life, forcing Biden to reluctantly admit his medicine is a "Big F*#cking Deal".
Watch Joe Biden's Gaffe

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