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May 2

In 2008, the animated movie Iron Man CG was released on the twelfth anniversary of Steve Jobs' merger of NeXTSTEP and Pixar.

Iron Man CGHaving abandoned the Copland Project, the rapid development of the next generation new operating system, the Mac OS X required the in-sourcing of new technology, and the two stand-out candidates appeared to be BeOS or NeXTSTEP. Inevitably, a bidding war developed between the two rival companies which were both run by former Apple executives Jean-Louis Gassée and Steve Jobs. Arguing that "A man in the desert doesn't bargain on the price of water", Gassée reluctantly sold Be Inc. for $200 million (he wanted $275 million) after discovering that his buyer Apple Computer was on the verge of striking an alternative deal with NeXTSTEP. But as the former head of advanced product development and worldwide marketing, his second stint at Apple reinforced his reputation as an expert in spending fortunes on interesting but unmarketable ideas.

Denied his own second career stint, Jobs decided to combine the resources of his two visionary companies around the single focus of entertainment. And the signature piece "What Are You Building, Stark?" was surely nothing but a satire of Job's career prior to his dismissal from Apple.

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