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May 1

In 2009, on this day the movie Doom Patrol Origins: Beast Boy premiered across North America; Toby McGuire starred in the title role.

Doom Patrol Origins: Beast Boy premieresAnd yet the disputed origination of the Doom Patrol concept by DC Comics was a story almost as bizarre as the plot-line itself. Amazingly, a plagiarism charge in the early 1960s had forced the closure of the company's primary competitor due to the undeniable similiarities of Marvel Comics's X-Men (both include misfit superheroes shunned by society and both are led by men of preternatural intelligence confined to wheelchairs).

"I became more and more convinced that [Stan Lee] knowingly stole The X-Men from The Doom Patrol".Initially, the plagiarism charge had seemed improbable due to the close proximity of the publication dates. However series writer Arnold Drake discovered that the movement of writers between the two comics had resulted in the leakage of his design concepts during pre-production.

In court Drake stated: " ...I became more and more convinced that [Stan Lee] knowingly stole The X-Men from The Doom Patrol. I discovered that an awful lot of writers and artists were working surreptitiously between [Marvel and DC]. Therefore from when I first brought the idea into [DC editor] Murray Boltinoff's office, it would've been easy for someone to walk over and hear that [I was] working on a story about a bunch of reluctant superheroes who are led by a man in a wheelchair. I began to feel that Stan had more lead time than I realized. He had four, five or even six months. "

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