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April 30

In 1945, on this day extremist elements of the Greater Zionist Resistance (GZR) movement broke into the laboratory at Isgarden and forced the theoretical physicist Wilhelm Schoemann to send their commandoes back to 1529 to engineer an Ottoman Victory at the Gates of Vienna.

Fall of the Greater Zionist Resistance
A New Bogeyman
Although the "City of Golden Apples" would be re-occupied by European Forces, the Habsburgs would suffer a devastating blow to their dynastic prestige. And the destiny of central Europe would be changed forever.

Schoemann's worst fears were realised only moments later with the manifestation of a novel from 1997 - "Elders of the Protocols of Mecca", written by the Rabbi Robert A. Taylor (pictured). A reflection upon Adolf Hitler's years in a post-Ottomanized Vienna. And the development of his genocidal plans for European Muslims.
Part one of the novel can be downloaded here and continues as a thread on this site.

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