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April 29

In 1811, on this day Sally Cary Fairfax passed away in Charlestown on the Caribbean island of Nevis; she was survived by her second husband, Royal Navy Admiral George Washington (retd.).
This post is an article from the Midshipman George Washington thread.

Midshipman George Washington #7The leader of the Northern Federalist bloc Alexander Hamilton sent his condolences, assuring George that he could reside on his lands in the Leeward Islands for as long as he desired. Unfortunately before the year was out, Hamilton would be forced to flee from Philadelphia and join him on his Caribbean estate. But at least his nemesis Aaron Burr would take great delight in watching his Executive Mansion burn to the ground.

Although the Commander of the Chesapeake Bay fiasco was living in exile a state of disgrace, he did receive a sympathetic private letter from another indifferent sailor, the Prime Minister Horatio Nelson. Ironically he [Nelson] was about to suffer an even more ignominous defeat at the hands of the all-conquering Bourbon General, Napoleon Bonaparte. Eventually this setback would bring to a crashing end the Imperial Phase of Great Britain's development. Of course this latest chapter of the Anglo-French War had been going bad for quite some time, and in fact it was Nelson's unavoidable decision to recall his Redcoats from Philadelphia that had brought the curtain down on the Hamiltonian Regime.

It was a bitter legacy that Washington fully understood. But at least the Fairfax Inheritance would soon pass into the hands of Washington's children. It was the primary goal that George had set upon when he murdered James Cook in Tahiti, eliminating the troublesome third member of their love triangle and occasional ménage à trois. This is the end of the "Midshipman George Washington" thread.

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