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April 20

In 1916, on this day the hard core Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) attempted to seize strongpoints in Dublin City Centre as the precursor to the formation of a Provisional Government of the Irish Republic. But they only succeed in occupying the General Post Office (GPO) where they ceremoniously hoist the flag of the thirty-two county Irish Republic (pictured) as a Sovereign Independent State.

Irish Home Rule in 1914: Part #4Holed up inside were Patrick Pearse, Tom Clarke, Seán Mac Dermott and Joseph Plunkett. When Pearsae read a Proclamation of the Republic1 to the bemused and disinterested Dubliners on Sackville Street2, the Lord Chancellor of Ireland John Redmond responded in a measured way by mobilizing the small Irish Citizen Army formed by James Connolly as an emergency militia to starve them out.

After their detention was complete, one of the commanders, American-born Éamonn de Valera was given passage to Boston. At least for now, Ireland would remain part of the United Kingdom under Home Rule. And the future of an Irish Free State would be nurtured by the Clann na Gael in Boston, that great bastion of Republicanism.
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