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April 20

In 2009, on this day the Austrian city of Linz held a week-long festival to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the birth of its most famous son, Adolf Hitler.

Linz - Capital of Culture 2009 by Chris OakleyThe controversial history of the city was showcased in a large canvass showcased by the artist Werner Horvath. Born and living in Linz, Horvath painted a number of well known figures from the world of fairy tales known as the "Grottenbahn".

The artist refused to comment on which historic figures were represented by the dwarf and king of frogs.

Yet many viewers would draw perhaps the correct conclusion. Which was that king of frogs was the historical figure of Adolf Hitler set in the current day but looking back on a world of unimaginable change.

Because the celebration was extremely controversial outside of Austria, where a neo-fascist government had been in power since 1993; inside Austria, however, it was seen as a proper show of national pride for a man who had dedicated his life to uniting all the German-speaking peoples of Europe.

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