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April 16

In 1745, on this day with the City of London occupied by the Jacobite army of Bonnie Prince Charlie (pictured) the Houses of Parliament conceded and voted to reinstate the House of Stuart and oust George II; later that year the "Old Pretender" would be crowned King James III, ruling ineffectually until his death in 1766.
This article is part of the Glorious 45 thread.

Glorious Forty-Five #1
By Ed, Scott Palter, Jared Myers & Jeff Provine
The end of the Whig Hegemony would finally bring political rights to the Scottish and Irish, celtic nations who had been facing an uncertain long-term future of direct rule from Westminister. Even if the Hanoverians were foreigners themselves, their continued presence nurtured a three-Kingdoms-in-one-Kingdom scenario that would have been distinctly English in flavour, and nakedly colonial in nature. Had the "Forty-Five" failed, then surely the English vengeance would have been dreadful for the supporters of the Jacobite rebels.

If the intended purpose of French support was merely to weaken their greatest rival, then the consequences of the overthrow of the House of Hanover would be truly in global in scope. A new triple alliance would emerge in which France, Britain and Spain would dominate the world's oceans. And the Dutch, who had rejoiced when William of Orange was placed on the English throne, would feel the backlash the most as their Empire would be divided amongst the unmatchable strength of the allied powers. The Glorious 45 thread continues in Part 2.

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